our vision

The Home Collective was founded by Darian Woehr and Hailey Sadler as a platform to pursue long-term documentary projects chronicling history through the lens of home.


Supported by grants from Adobe, the National Geographic Society, and Solutions Journalism Network, our purpose is to explore the nuanced concept of home and the defining role it plays in shaping everything from personal trauma to geopolitics.


With each unique project, our aim is to bring our audience along on a journey of discovering and defining home, connecting on a human level across borders, and thinking critically about the large role that home plays in every aspect of our existence as human beings.

As the future will increasingly be defined by the concept of home -- whether due to climate change, the displacement crisis, or infectious diseases -- there has perhaps never been a more poignant time to question, what does home mean?


our values

Everyone has a right to have their story told with dignity and respect, or to tell their own story.



Every human being has a right to home.

Every person matters and has inherent worth, regardless of where they call home.

People who have been forcibly displaced have a right to return home.

Indigenous communities have a right to live in their country of origin in peace, freedom, and security.

Every human has a role to play in taking care of this planet we all call home.






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