The Home Collective was founded by Darian Woehr and Hailey Sadler in May 2020 as a platform to pursue long-term documentary projects chronicling history through the lens of home.


Supported by grants from Adobe, the National Geographic Society, Getty Images, and Solutions Journalism Network, our purpose is to explore the nuanced concept of home and the defining role it plays in shaping everything from personal trauma to geopolitics.


As a team, we focus on collaborative multimedia projects that combine elements of video, photographs, audio, and written text. Our goal is to experiment with new ways to immerse our audience in the stories we share, inviting them to think critically about the large role that home plays in every aspect of our existence as human beings

We believe the future will increasingly be defined by the concept of home. Whether due to climate change, housing shortages, the displacement crisis, or indigenous land rights, there has perhaps never been a more poignant time to question, what does home mean?

the team

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Darian Woehr, Filmmaker, Home Collective

Darian is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has dedicated most of her career to better understanding and capturing the conflict over indigenous land rights in the Southern Cone. She has been lucky enough to call many places home. “Home” is goofy family group chats when you’re apart and awkward family photos when you’re together. It’s anywhere you’ve felt warmth and community. At its root, “home” is a place you’ve known for years or just minutes, regardless, it pulls you in and welcomes you with open arms. 

Hailey is a documentary photographer and writer focusing on  trauma, conflict, and displacement. She has worked extensively on the border of Syria in Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. For her, “home” means the rivers and fields of rural Virginia; it’s her close-knit family; it’s creaky old wooden floor boards. But home is also an intentional practice. She feels privileged to have learned the most powerful lessons about home through the open doors and welcoming tables of friends around the world who are displaced, separated from family, or living as refugees.

Hailey Sadler, Documentary Photographer, Photojournalist, Home Collective